Joan Erskine is a psychotherapist and does creative visualization therapy and psychotherapy, in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Manhattan
Joan Erskine, M.S.W., C.S.W.

Joan Erskine

(718) 398-6132
Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Adults, Couples -- Making Personal Changes that Last

Joan Erskine helps people makes the personal changes they desire in ways that are lasting and integrated. Often people seek help because while they feel successful and confident in some areas of their lives, their sense of competence gets hijacked when it comes to romance, family relationships, stress, etc. Not surprisingly, these are the issues that instantly elicit our earliest methods of coping that we learned as young children. These response patterns were learned so early that we have no awareness of this conditioning and how it shapes the way we relate to our partner, our chilren, our parents. What we see, hear and feel is based on expectations that were conditioned before we had any consciousness.

Joan helps clients replace those automatic, outdated responses. Through recognition and use of new feelings, new responses, imagery, and more, she helps people stay in their adult mind or state and to call upon those other already existing skills. In other words, the adult skills that you use with ease when you're not stressed become available in the more challenging areas of romance, family relationships, and stress. Clients often report feeling empowered, having better coping tools and successfully making changes in the following areas: feeling more positive about themselves, finding and maintaining healthy relationships, having meaningful work, coping with stress, and developing genuine, lasting resolution with old family conflicts. One transition that people commonly mention is experiencing themselves as adults while spending time with their parents versus having their childlike feelings triggered.

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